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Home repair scope creep

It's a dryer

My dryer stopped working. So I pulled it out, took out every screw, peered inside, and found the little spade connector that had come loose. Fixed!

Success? Not a chance. The dryer vent was all mangled when I pulled it out, so I went and bought luxuriously rugged flex-conduit and fixed it in place with ring clamps and everything. Nice.

Success? Not a chance. The very act of removing the washer's feeder hoses was enough to disturb what must have been a delicate equilibrium, and so they were leaking everywhere. I got some teflon tape and reinstalled the taps.

Success? Not a chance. I overtightened the taps and cracked the cheap old CPVC fitting. At this point I called the plumber.

I've never been so happy to do laundry.

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