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30 Lights in a Room

WindoWorks is a program where local artists produce artworks in the windows of vacant storefronts in downtown Swift Current, SK.

30 Lights in a Room is my site-specific installation using electronic media. Thirty 40-watt light bulbs hang from the ceiling of a small room, each hung at different levels and spaced in no particular pattern. Each bulb flashes independently at random. Below are pictures showing the construction process and a few of the final work. The window is located at 121 Central Avenue North in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

From the WindoWorks Exhibition Guide...

This contemporary installation reminds us of what is typical of a display in a lighting store: a selection of lights is presented together in order for the viewer to see them. This display does something similar but different. The lights are seated in the most basic light fixtures and are presented in the most austere of settings. This causes the viewer to look a little harder at what they may think they recognize easily. The viewer will search out for themselves what the sculpture is doing, what the artwork is about, and what the experience is reminiscent of.
30 Lights in a Room 30 Lights in a Room 30 Lights in a Room 30 Lights in a Room 30 Lights in a Room 30 Lights in a Room
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