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DIY Soda Water

I was enamored by the self-serve sparkling water tap at Pizzaria Farina, and decided I must have one of my own. I began researching these things like crazy, and eventually decided I would have to settle for a slightly more manual contraption, at least for now. All of my research led back to Richard Kinch's website, who has posted a wealth of information on this topic, from theory to history to implementation.

I got a 20lbs tank of co2 from Dan's Homebrew Supply along with a regulator, hose, and connector for 2 litre PET bottles. The deposit on the tank is pretty steep, but a refill is only $20 and makes 500 bottles of seltzer.

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Fill a bottle up to its shoulder with tap water
  2. Squeeze out the air in the headroom and put the special cap on
  3. Put it in the fridge for a while and get it nice and cold
  4. Charge it with co2 and shake for 10 seconds
  5. Charge it again, shake again, repeat a couple more times
  6. Done!

The next step is to dissolve strange powders in the seltzer in order to mimic San Pellegrino or Perrier.

DIY Soda Water

This setup is featured in a silly beekeeper video!

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