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An impossibly tiny version of Operation™

My iPhone broke. For the last two weeks, the home button has only worked with excessive force. Yesterday it stopped working completely. I took it to the sickningly perky genius at the Apple Store in Pacific Centre, and she told me she could fix it in twenty minutes. For $300. I gave her a look that said I've been hacking on Apple products since before the Gil Amelio dark ages. Respect me. I actually just said Erm, thanks. I'll try and fix it myself.

So here are some photos of my iPhone coming apart on my kitchen table. This was a bit scary because my last experience opening an iPhone resulted in lots of itty-bitty electro-rubble all over the place, so first I gained confidence by looking at this.

After two tries, I was able to bend a couple little metal contacts so that they did more contacting with one another. It works now!

But I got fingerprints on the inside of the glass.

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