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GLUI Package

GLUI 2.35 Framework for Mac OS X

Here is a new framework for version 2.35 of GLUI that you can use in your XCode projects.

A notable improvement since version 2.3's package is that this one is a universal binary for both 32- and 64-bit. Whee...

Download Framework (v2.35)

The source package below includes the XCode project used to create the framework, as well as an XCode project for the 6 examples.

Download source, XCode project, and examples

To use the framework

  1. Install the framework
  2. Add the framework to your XCode project.
    It's located in /Library/Frameworks/
  3. #include <GLUI/glui.h> from your source files

Previous Versions

You may also download version 2.3.

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